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Dov Gabbay

King’s College London

Title: A Brief Introduction to the Shkop Approach to Conflict Resolution in Formal Argumentation

Abstract: We formalise the Shkop approach to conflict resolution in formal argumentation, in which we start with an empty abstract argumentation framework AF and an initially empty set of inferred arguments. Then, we expand AF one argument at a time, and evaluate after each expansion if i) arguments that have previously been inferred can be kept (or have to be discarded
without doubt) and ii) if the newly added argument can be added to the set of inferred arguments. Based on this idea, we introduce a novel approach for designing abstract argumentation semantics. As a particular semantics, we define grounded Shkop semantics – a naive set-based argumentation semantics that does not inhibit a well-known problem of CF2 semantics and that does not rely on an SCC-recursive definition.

Bio: Professor Dov M. Gabbay is an internationally recognized logician.
He is Augustus De Morgan Professor Emeritus of Logic at the Department of Informatics, King’s College London as well as Emeritus Professor at Bar-Ilan University, Israel, and a Visiting Professor at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Luxembourg. Dov has authored over five hundred research papers and over thirty research monographs. He is editor in chief of several international Journals, and editor of many reference works and Handbooks of Logic, including the Handbook of Philosophical Logic, the Handbook of Logic in Computer Science, and the Handbook of Artificial Intelligence and Logic Programming.


Here is the slide for the IfCoLog Speech.