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All accepted papers now are ready online. Please check the proceedings for LNGAI 2021 at the following link:



Long Papers (sorted by authors’ names)

Authors Title
Chonghui Li and Beishui Liao Intrinsic and Extrinsic Argument Strengths in Collective Argumentation
David Fuenmayor and Alexander Steen A Flexible Approach to Argumentation Framework Analysis using Theorem Proving
David Streit Experiments in Causality and STIT
Dov Gabbay and Timotheus Kampik A Brief Introduction to the Shkop Approach to Conflict Resolution in Formal Argumentation
Huimin Dong and Yì Nicholas Wáng A Modal Logic of Defeasible Reasoning
Lisha Qiao, Yiqi Shen, Liuwen Yu, Beishui Liao and Leendert van der Torre Arguing Coalitions in Abstract Argumentation
Luca Pasetto, Matteo Cristani, Francesco Olivieri and Guido Governatori Automated translation of contract texts into Defeasible Deontic Logic
Ramit Das and R. Ramanujam A logical Description of Strategizing in Social Network Games
Réka Markovich, Amro Najjar and Leendert van der Torre New Generation AIs: Reasoning about Norms and Values
Zhe Yu and Shier Ju Getting Consensus Through A Context-Based Argumentation Framework


Extended Abstracts (sorted by authors’ names)

Authors Title
Bin Wei Analysing Plausible Reasoning with a Gradual Argumentation Model
Gabriella Pigozzi and Juliette Rouchier Spaces of Argumentation and Their Interaction
Heng Zheng, Davide Grossi and Bart Verheij A Formal Approach to Case Comparison in Case-based Reasoning: Research Abstract
Réka Markovich and Olivier Roy Formalizing the Right to Know:Epistemic Rights as Normative Positions