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The list of the accepted papers is presented as follows:

  • Jeremie Dauphin, Marcos Cramer and Leendert van der Torre. A dynamic approach for combining abstract argumentation semantics
  • Jie Fan. A road to ultrafilter extensions
  • Federico L. G. Faroldi. Towards a Logic of Value and Disagreement via Imprecise Measures
  • David Fuenmayor and Christoph Benzmüller. Computational Hermeneutics: Using Computers to Interpret Arguments
  • Jesse Heyninck and Ofer Arieli. On the Semantics of Simple Contrapositive Assumption-Based Argumentation Frameworks
  • Jesse Heyninck and Christian Strasser. A comparative study of assumption-based approaches to reasoning with priorities.
  • Jiachao Wu. Fuzzy argumentation framework with comparing acceptability
  • Yun Xie. Conductive argument as a mode of strategic maneuvering
  • Kang Xu and Beishui Liao. Updating argumentation frameworks for enforcing extensions
  • Yuming Xu, Lidong Xu and Claudette Cayrol. On structural analysis of extension-based argumentation semantics
  • Mengyuan Zhao. Presupposition Projection in Signalling Games