Due to the current pandemic situation, ZJULogAI (including GCAI 2020) was postponed and will take place as a three-day digital online event on October 26, October 30 and November 2. See the page “Program” for details.

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The 6th Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence (GCAI 2020)

GCAI 2020, Hangzhou, China, 6-9 April 2020

The 6th Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence (GCAI 2020) will be held in Hangzhou, China, 6-9 April 2020, as part of the International Conferences on Logic and Artificial Intelligence at Zhejiang University (ZJULogAI). With its special focus theme on “Explainable AI and Responsible AI”, the summit intends to promote the interplay between logical approaches and machine learning based approaches in order to make AI more transparent, responsible and accountable. (GCAI 2020) (ZJULogAI)


GCAI 2020 and ZJULogAI are in collaboration with the Second Tsinghua Interdisciplinary Workshop on Logic, Language, and Meaning: Monotonicity in Logic and Language, 10-12 April 2020 (


The GCAI 2020 Best Paper Award is presented to: 

  • Jan Gorzny, Ezequiel Postan, Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo. Partial Regularization of First-Order Resolution Proofs