Notice In many European countries, there will be a clock change (transition from summer time to winter time) in the night from Saturday, Oct 24, to Sunday, Oct 25. Please note that all conference times already refer to the winter time that will be valid throughout the whole conference (i.e. times are in CET – that is UTC+1).

The International Conferences on Logic and Artificial Intelligence at Zhejiang University (ZJULogAI) are organized by the Zhejiang University – University of Luxembourg Joint Laboratory on Advanced Intelligent Systems and REasoning (ZLAIRE). Due to the current pandemic situation, ZJULogAI was postponed and will take place as a three-day digital online event on October 26, October 30 and November 2.

Proceedings: Conference proceedings are available:

Everyone is welcome to all sub-events of ZjuLogAI! Registration is free, but required: See the registration page for details..

Five Confirmed Invited Speakers:

Christoph Benzmüller (Freie Universität Berlin, Germay)

Claude Sammut (University of New South Wales, Australia)

Dag Westerståhl (Stockholm University, Sweden)

Fei Wu (Zhejiang University, China)

Marc van Zee (Google AI, the Netherlands)

With the development of next generation artificial intelligence, the interplay between knowledge based approaches and machine learning approaches is gaining momentum. This series of conferences aims at bringing together the researchers from logic, argumentation and artificial intelligence to present and discuss their newly developed works in related directions.

The conferences are financially supported by the Convergence Research Project for Brain Research and Artificial Intelligence of Zhejiang University, the Department of Philosophy of Zhejiang University, and the K.C.Wong Education Foundation, Hong Kong.

ZJULogAI will take place as a three-day online event using Zoom on October 26 (Day 1), October 30 (Day 2), and November 2 (Day 3), 2020.

ZJULogAI is co-financed by the University of Luxembourg.