Accepted Papers


Long Presentations (sorted by authors’ names):

  • Thomas Ågotnes and Yi Wang. Group Belief
  • Ryuta Arisaka and Takayuki Ito. Broadening Label-based Argumentation Semantics with May-Must Scales
  • Michael Baur and Thomas Studer. Semirings of Evidence
  • Marcos Cramer and Emmanuelle-Anna Dietz Saldanha. Logic Programming, Argumentation and Human Reasoning
  • Šejla Dautović, Dragan Doder and Zoran Ognjanović. Reasoning about degrees of confirmation
  • Ivo Düntsch and Wojciech Dzik. Ideal related algebras and their logics – Extended abstract
  • David Fuenmayor and Christoph Benzmüller. Computer-supported Analysis of Arguments in Climate Engineering
  • Xu Li and Yi Wang. A Logic of Knowledge and Belief Based on Abstract Arguments
  • Tomer Libal. A Meta-level Annotation Language for Legal Texts
  • Tomer Libal and Alexander Steen. Towards an Executable Methodology for the Formalization of Legal Texts
  • Tiago Oliveira, Jérémie Dauphin, Ken Satoh, Shusaku Tsumoto and Paulo Novais. Goal-driven Structured Argumentation for Patient Management in a Multimorbidity Setting
  • Satoru Suzuki. Intuitionistic-Bayesian Semantics of First-Order Logic for Generics
  • Liping Tang. Ambiguity Preference and Context Learning in Uncertain Signaling
  • Kees van Berkel, Tim Lyon and Francesco Olivieri. A Decidable Multi-Agent Logic for Reasoning about Actions, Instruments, and Norms


Short Presentations (sorted by authors’ names):

  • Weiwei Chen. Preservation of Admissibility with Rationality and Feasibility Constraints
  • Davide Liga and Monica Palmirani. Uncertainty in Argumentation Schemes: Negative Consequences and Basic Slippery Slope
  • Chinghui Su, Liwu Rong and Fei Liang. Reasoning as Speech Acts
  • Zongshun Wang and Jiachao Wu. Dynamics of Fuzzy Argumentation Frameworks
  • Jiachao Wu and Hengfei Li. Probabilistic three-value argumentation frameworks
  • Mina Young Pedersen, Sonja Smets and Thomas Ågotnes. Further Steps Towards a Logic of Polarization in Social Networks
  • Zhe Yu. A Formalization of the Slippery Slope Argument