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Regular papers (sorted by authors’ names):

  • Marcos Cramer. Paracomplete truth theory with a definable hierarchy of determinateness operators
  • Zi Yue Hu. Multiple Roles and Deontic Logic
  • Eric Raidl. Strengthened Conditionals
  • Takahiro Sawasaki and Katsuhiko Sano. Proof-theoretic Results of Common Sense Modal Predicate Calculi
  • Izumi Takeuti and Katsuhiko Sano. Modal Logic and Planarity of Graphs
  • Linton Wang and Elin McCready. On the Pearlian Constructive Dilemma
  • Ming Xiong. Paradoxes behind the Solovay sentences
  • Lingyuan Ye. Towards a Relational Treating of Language and Logical Systems
  • Mengyuan Zhao, Zhong Yin and Ziming Lu. EEG Evidence for Game-Theoretic Model to Ambiguous Pronoun Resolution

Short papers (sorted by authors’ names):

  • Junli Jiang. Dynamic Epistemic Logic of Faith Diffusion in Cultural Circles
  • Yiyan Wang. Intentionality as Disposition
  • Zhaoqing Xu. On the Factivity Problem of Epistemic Contextualism
  • Jialiang Yan and Fenrong Liu. Monotonic Opaqueness in Deontic Contexts