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  • Yuming Xu and Claudette Cayrol. Initial sets in abstract argumentation frameworks
  • Jianfang Wang. On Freeman’s Argument Structure Approach
  • Chenwei Shi and Sonja Smets. Beliefs supported by Arguments
  • Liying Zhang. Reasoning with Generics and Induction
  • Cihua Xu and Chuanrui Zhang. Multimodal Argument as A Strategic Maneuver in Educational Video Commercials: A comparative study
  • Jiachao Wu and Nir Oren. Some properties of Janssen’s Fuzzy Argumentation Frameworks
  • Xin Sun and Livio Robaldo. Norm Creation in Proposition Control Games
  • Mengyuan Zhao. A Game-Theoretic Analysis on the Use of Indirect Speech Acts
  • Yuan Yao. Rule-based Lightweight Structure Design