Due to the current situation of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, it is believed that ZJULogAI cannot take place as scheduled. The conference and all its sub-events, including STAI 2020, will be rescheduled (most likely to Q3 or Q4 2020). We will discuss and let you know the new dates when the situation becomes stable.

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Symposium Introduction

With the proliferation of (personal) data and the subsequent rapid development of machine learning technologies, artificial intelligence systems are being deployed in many services, including critical infrastructures such as transportation and finance. On one hand, AI systems facilitate decision-making and automate industrial operations; however, on the other hand, they also bring challenges and risks from many aspects (technical, social, legal, etc). To guide the development and deployment of AI systems, a number of political regimes (e.g. EU, China, USA) have put forward ethical guidelines towards trustworthy AI systems, and many industrial players (e.g. Google, Tencent) have also introduced their own criteria.  

The symposium aims at gathering the leading researchers around the world to discuss the research progresses in the different aspects of the trustworthiness of AI systems. These aspects include (at least) privacy, security, bias, discrimination, fraud, explainability, interpretability, causality, verifiability.  At the same time, the symposium will also bring in researchers from leading AI companies to demonstrate the applications and issues when deploying AI systems in practice. One general objective is to bridge the attention gap of researchers and foster a broader view of most if not all aspects of a trustworthy AI system, and the other objective is to identify the promising research directions to address the existing challenges and align with the guidelines and criteria from government agencies and industries.


This symposium will be held in Hangzhou, 6 April 2020, as part of the International Conferences on Logic and Artificial Intelligence at Zhejiang University (ZJULogAI). With a special focus on “methods and tools for explainable AI”, a core objective of ZJULogAI is to present the latest developments and progress made on the crucial question of how to make AI more transparent, trustworthy and accountable, both in China as well as in the rest of the world. All participants to this symposium have access to all other events of ZJULogAI as well.



 Symposium Format

The symposium will mainly consist of invited talks, but will also have dedicated time slots for PhD candidates to pitch their research problems and solutions.


Prof. Kun Zhang


Prof. Xintao Wu


Prof. Chao Zhang


Prof. Chris Watkins




University of Luxembourg

Zhejiang University



Main Contact

Qiang Tang, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology(